Rikudou Sennin (One Piece)
Rikudou Sennin Bleach
Name Rikudou Sennin
Kanji Insert Data
Rōmaji Rikudou Sennin
Epithet Insert Data
Personal Status
Birthdate October 10
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 5"10
Weight 120 Ib
Blood Type O
Hometown Unknown HomeTown
Affiliation Six Paths Pirates

Path Of The Pirates

Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Unknown
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Zakios Uchiha

Tiguras Senju

Bounty 100,000,000,000
Devil Fruit Samara
Fruit Ability Deva,Outer,Human,Animal,Naraka,Preta,Asura Paths
Weapons Katana

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